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Piano Lessons
Expectations & What to Expect
In our piano studio, From ages 8- Adult, you'll learn fundamental music reading skills, as well as the basics of chord reading and "playing by ear".  Players with experience will have the opportunity to sharpen their playing.
Expectations for young piano students ages 8 - 11
  1. Students must show a genuine personal interest in piano.
  2. Students must be able to sit with hands in lap while listening to instruction.
  3. Students must be beginning readers with a strong knowledge of the alphabet.
  4. Students must practice pieces and exercises at least 15 minutes per day and fulfill all writing/music theory assignments prior to the next lesson. 
   Required Materials
For older beginners, age 12 and up, we use Alfred Adult Beginner Books 1 and 2.  These can be purchased at the Toon Shop, Humes Music or purchased online.
For younger beginners ages 6-11 we use Alfred’s Basic All in One Piano Series. 
*We will help you determine which book to begin with after the first lesson
How Much Should I Practice?
The key to success is daily practice. The more you practice, the more progress you can expect.  Piano students should expect to spend from at least 15 -30 minutes per day (depending on age) to see growth.  We recommend practicing scales and chords at least 5 times, and repetition of piano pieces or portions of piano pieces that have not yet been mastered.  While reviewing of older, already-mastered pieces is fun and can be motivating, special attention should be given to new pieces or songs not mastered.
The bottom line of any practice session is improvement.  Singing or playing without seeing improvement isn’t necessarily productive practice.  How quickly you improve can help you determine that exact amount of time you need to practice.
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