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Lesson Policies and Fees:
Most private lessons are taught year-round on a weekly recurring schedule. Average billing allows your monthly tuition to remain the same each month regardless of the actual number of scheduled lessons in any one month. Unless we cancel a lesson that cannot be made up, tuition stays the same. Students who continue lessons through the summer are given up to 2 credited lessons due to vacations or summer camp. (Your tuition will be credited). Dates the studio is closed (see lesson & studio calendar) are taken into account in your average billing. New students may begin at any time during a month with the 1st payment being prorated. When you reserve a lesson spot, this time is reserved for you, and all students must pay the full monthly tuition regardless of attendance. 
Make-up lessons OPTIONSWith a full studio, it is difficult to reschedule missed lessons due to conflicts or sickness, but life happens, and we want to do our best to provide options for you.
* As other cancelled time slots become available, we can slide make-up lessons into those. 
* During some holiday breaks we normally offer a day for make up lessons (see calendar).
Make-up lessons cannot be guaranteed if a student is unable to meet during available time slots.  No refunds or credits are given for missed lessons.  Lessons that we cancel that cannot be made up at your convenience will be credited to you.
Thirty days notice is required should you decide to discontinue lessons.
Parents and siblings We've found that having friends or family in the studio during lessons may be distracting to the students, causing them to be more inhibited.  Cary is able to provide a much more productive lesson for your student when all distractions are minimized.  Thank you for your understanding regarding this policy.  On occasion, siblings and family are welcome to sit in on lessons.  Please visit with Cary about this to find out when sitting in is appropriate for your student.
2014/2015 FEES Beginning Sept 1, 2014 through July 31, 2015
Voice / Piano / Acting Coaching
Our Monthly Tuition
(NOTE:  After holidays when the studio is closed, each student has 49 scheduled lessons throughout the year) 
30 minute lessons - $105        (AVERAGE lesson price is $26.25)
45 minute lessons - $155.00      (AVERAGE lesson price is $36.25)
60 minute lessons - $200.00      (AVERAGE lesson price is $47.50)
Families with 2 or more lessons per week will receive the hour rate rather than the rate for two half hour lessons.
Individual lessons when not a tuition student
(Scheduled when people desire just a few lessons, or do not want to reserve a regular time)
30 minute lessons  $30
45 minute lessons  $45
60 minute lessons  $55 
CHANGE:  Students who need to miss lessons due to family vacations or camps can take up to 2 lessons off.  This will be credited to you, reflecting in a reduced tuition.   We can't guarantee a make-up lesson past 2 missed lessons during the summer, but will try our best.  Please let us know as soon as possible when you expect to be gone.
We will be closed for one week during the summer (SEE LESSON CALENDAR)
Call for times and availability!    913.269.4070
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