CARY MOCK - producing passionate performances
singer, actor, instructor, director, pianist

"..Cary Mock, a musical theater veteran,   
exhibits unforced vocal perfection and
a relaxed stage presence.." 
Robert Trussell, KC Star  Oct. 2014 

Cheek to Cheek - Quality Hill Play House

Broadway Branson and Blues
Starring Cary Mock and his Family!
This show performed at The Chestnut Fine Arts Center in Olathe,  
and Great Plains Theatre in Abilene, KS 
CARY's FULL TIME JOB is healing from a compromised immune system due to acute leukemia and 2 bone marrow transplants.  Keep up the prayers -  he continues to charge ahead as his body repairs itself.  He's experienced many miracles since April 9, 2015 when Kansas University Hospital diagnosed him.  The support and prayers of friends and family have been nothing but life changing.
Thank you!!!!

More performing to come in the near future..


  A glimpse of past performances in the Metro area

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